Scientific Advisor

Dr Presley Ng

MN, N.M.D., MD. F.R.C.P., PhD holder, Dr Presley Ng a Naturopath Consultant with a wide range of experiences in treating patients with chronic diseases using a drug-free approach consisting of herbs and functional foods.

Dr Cahyo Budiman

Dr Cahyo Budiman is currently working as Senior Lecturer at Biotechnology Research Institute, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. He has obtained his PhD in Biotechnology from Osaka University, Japan. His main area of interest focuses on Protein Science-Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, and Enzymology. His area of expertise includes Protein Science, Molecular Microbiology, Enzymology, Protein Engineering, Foldase, Molecular Biotechnology, Chaperone, Molecular Biochemistry, and Isomerase. He has published 8 research articles in journals as well as 11 papers in scientific meetings as author/co-author.