Dancing Is The Perfect Exercise For All Ages—and They Don’t Even Scratch the Surface

Health and wellness comes in various forms especially when it comes to being physically active, from doing a 1 minute plank, a 30kg squat, running a marathon, gardening, dancing or simply having a conversation with your fluffy friends that meows or woofs every 3 second of the day (to be honest, in our case, having pets is an extreme sport).

Several alternatives exist to getting involved in sports, most of which have the advantage of being cheap or even free and of having no age limits. The most obvious low-cost activities are walking and cycling. Dancing is also an excellent way to improve physical fitness and develop social skills, thereby improving mental health, and is something that can be taken up early in life and still provide plenty of entertainment well after retirement.

According to research, here are some benefits of dancing for all age group:

  • Low Cost

Now, you may think dancing is an expensive hobby because you might need a studio, a ballroom, large mirrors and sound system that could start up a revolution. However, that is not the case. Dancing can be a fun and inexpensive activity that is versatile and does not burn a hole in your pocket. All you need is some music sources, maybe from your phone, radio, television, your own mouth or maybe your neighbour’s very loud sound system with any area of your choice such as your room, your bathroom (be careful though), your living room or a nearby park (although, be careful not to cause any disturbance in your neighbourhood, we recommend a park that's further away from housing area).

  • Versatile

Whether you’re in yo0ur 50s, 20s or 5 years old, dancing can be enjoyed by all age. Not only that, dancing is very versatile as you can do however you like and move your body to your preference, you can enjoy choreography or simply free-style. Dancing is so versatile and adaptable that many treat it as a hobby and one of the ways to release stress and socialise. Not only that, there are many styles of dancing you can explore such as latin, hip-hop, modern, jazz, contemporary, ballet, pop, traditional and many more.

  • Improves Heart Health

A regular whirl on the dance floor may lower your odds of dying from heart disease, a new study suggests. The study included 48,000 people in the United Kingdom who answered questions about their dancing and walking habits over the past month. All were 40 years and older with no history of heart disease and agreed to be linked to the National Death Registry.

After an average follow-up of nearly 10 years, researchers found that moderate-intensity dancing was linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular death. This benefit was slightly better than that seen with walking, and possibly stronger in women than men. So let’s get pumping!

  • Improves Joints, Mobility and Bone Health

A pleasurable way to increase bone mass and improve muscle strength, dancing can be especially helpful for those at risk for low bone density. Certain dance steps, especially those that get you moving from side to side, improve the strength of your tibia, femur and other leg bones—which bear the majority of your body’s weight. By building up your bone mass, you can ward off or slow down the progression of osteoporosis.

Most dance styles will help you become more supple, improve coordination, musicality, posture and alignment. Dance also increases your joint mobility and muscle flexibility. As well as being a great way to burn those holiday calories it's just a lot of fun!

  • Improves Mental Health

Moving our body often does a lot to lift our mood. It turns out there is a scientific explanation behind those mood-boosting moves, and there are ways we can use dance to improve our mental health. Similar to playing video games, it helps improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety. Within the scientific community, a growing number of researchers have proven that, while dancing, an abundance of mood-improving chemicals are released within the body of the dancer. According to research carried out by The Arts in Psychotherapy, when unleashed, these chemicals help improve one’s mental state; even one “lively” session of dance can reduce depression.

According to a study conducted by University of Hertfordshire Psychology Professor Peter Lovatt, the happiness experienced while dancing is measurable even after dancing, increased levels in happiness present as long as a week after the last dance.

One 2007 study also found that, in addition to boosting energy and mood, participating in hip hop dance also correlates with lowered levels of stress, similar to the decreased levels measured when participating in forms of aerobic exercise.

Moreover, when participating in forms of dance which engage the sense of touch—one of the first senses humans experience. A growing number of experts have found that, when establishing human-to-human physical contact through touch, there are notable reductions in levels of stress and anxiety, consequently bettering one’s overall mental wellbeing.

We made a playlist recommendation just for you so you can start jamming. Just click the photo or play the video and start grooving!

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