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MonoColl™ - Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract

With proprietary extraction methods and technology, MonoColl™ contains collagen hydrolysates and trypsin. Because of the dual-component found, it confers various benefits to users.

Through years of research and development, we formulated an Oral Spray which contains MonoColl™ with the aim of providing users with safe and effective measures in combating viral and bacterial infections.

Collagen Type 1, alpha 1(I) (COL1A1) and Collagen Type 4 (COL4) are present in MonoColl™ which are often used to support healthy hair, skin, and nails and restore and grow collagens that was loss.

Proteolytic enzyme Trypsin is present synergistically inside MonoColl™, giving it a unique blend of protein and proteolytic enzyme in a single compound.

  • Aids in wound healing by providing collagens for wound regeneration scaffolding.
  • Exhibits soothing and moisturizing effects on skin, hair, and oral cavity.
  • Functions to degrade proteins (such as spike proteins of enveloped viruses).