About Us

B4 It Happens

B4 It Happens (“B4”) was founded in Malaysia in 2011 as a comprehensive health management centre integrating conventional medical practices and alternative therapies in catering to the general public’s well-being.

In 2021 amidst the pandemic, B4 pivoted its business from the service industry to a health products company and has since introduced various proprietary-formulated products to the community. Continuous R&D is put into the development of B4’s products to ensure effectiveness and relevance in meeting the ever-growing demand of the consumer market.

Working closely with researchers, medical practitioners, and manufacturers, we strive to expand our newfound core business in the nutraceutical, cosmetics, cosmeceutical, and medical device industry. We uphold our values in ensuring all our products have met the highest safety and quality standards before reaching our end users.

Our aim for sustainability is to provide products that are safe and environmentally friendly to our planet.

Our Vision

  • To be an established health products company that focuses on research and product development of materials, ingredients and proprietary formulations.
  • Focused on producing the highest quality active ingredients and formulations for the market.
  • A reliable and consistent provider to healthcare manufacturers and distributors.

Our Mission

  • We continuously invest in research & development to ensure that our key product offerings are highly reliable and scientifically-proven.
  • Partnering with institutions and researchers to carry out various analysis and research to ensure product credibility is upheld.
  • Awareness is key importance to the community and our collaboration with institutions enable us to publish new findings that are reliable and easily accessible.

Our Values

Integrity & Transparency

Everything we do is above board, transparent and in full compliance with legislation. We only believe in what’s right for our community and we uphold the value of doing the right thing, the right way.

Quality & Effective

We vow in providing products that are of quality, effective, and adheres to strict safety standards. We value quality and effectiveness in our business ethics to put ease to our consumers.

Reliable & Trustworthy

We supply products that have undergone extensive research, quality and efficacy assurance because we are committed to creating and maintaining trust and reliability with consumers, suppliers, distributors, partnerships, and the scientific community.

Sustainable & Ethical

By sourcing natural active ingredients and making full use of every byproduct, making it an almost zero waste functional ingredient for product development all while maintaining an ethical sourcing method with minimum impact to the local community and environment.